Teen Coaching – Common Issues

Overcome the issues that hinder STUDENT ATHLETE PERFORMANCE: STUDENT

  • Classroom and Grades
  • Peer pressure
  • Effective communication with Parents
  • Effective communication with Coaches
  • Overcome Performance Stress and Anxiety
  • Goal Setting & Goal Achievement
  • Fear of Success
  • Maintain Performance FOCUS
  • Dealing with Problem Situations
  • Leadership Training
  • Career Transition
  • ACP – Attaining Complete Performance
  • Time management
  • Issues of Self Image
  • Dealing with INTERNAL Pressure
  • Communication Issues
  • Injury Recovery
  • Performance Consistency
  • Optimal Performance
  • Self-Competition
  • Mental Equipment
  • Life Stressors
  • Overcome the Plateau Effect
  • Dealing with EXTERNAL Pressure
  • Drugs and Alcohol

Coaching Parents

Overcome the issues that hinder PARENTS ABILITY TO COACH & PARENT:

  • How to “Coach” and parent effectively together
  • Setting effective limits
  • Parents need a COACH as well
  • Parents need a sounding board
  • How to motivate and inspire

Parents need someone who understands their situation without having to overly explain …

Benefits to Parents

  • Personal communication coach to better relate to your student-athlete
  • Learning how to make boundaries that make sense
  • Sounding board for issues

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