Dr. Jason Galea – Sports Performance Counselor

Dr. Galea is a solution based Sport Performance Psychology Counselor. He has  counseled professional and amateur athletes, coaches, and program directors on how to attain the highest level of athletic performance. In doing such, Dr. Galea has helped athletes increase and maintain elite levels of performance. 

As a former Division-I athlete, Dr. Galea understands the pressures of competing at an elite level, balancing life pressures, and overcoming issues of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, Dr. Galea is able to easily relate to the day-by-day issues that surround elite athletes which allows for immediate discovery and implementation of solution processes.

Dr. Galea is a NCAA certified and registered speaker and has dedicated over 10 years of his life to:

  • Developing youth athletic programs
  • Educating parents how to create a positive and supporting perspective of youth athletics
  • Developing cohesive coaching staffs that place an emphasis upon the development and advancement of every youth and adolescent athlete first.

After a short professional hockey career,  Dr. Galea began the pursuit of his passion for assisting athletes as a Sports Performance Councelor.

Dr. Galea has a Masters Degree and Doctorate in Sport & Performance Psychology and presently resides in San Diego California.


Counseling Methods

Dr. Galea works with clients in a variety of ways:

  • One-on-One sessions in person
  • Phone sessions
  • Skype/Virtual Meeting sessions
  • Team sessions

Sessions are based upon client-counselor developed goals, that are answer based and driven towards attaining results.

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