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Mental Toughness … Athlete’s in the News Today

Today provided he sports world with several dramatic stories that involve tremendous amounts of mental focus and career re-focusing. Each of these events involved sports that are completely different from each other and yet are so similar because of the … Continue reading

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Parenting your athlete! Part -1

I am constantly asked for various forms of insight in helping parents coach their adolescent and teenage athletes – OFF the field/court/rink. Most of these inquiries rest in finding the proper way(s) to guide their young athlete as to how … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to Be Ready!

It’s amazing how much we hear elite athletes refer to the “need to be ready” or how “they cannot make any mental mistakes” … Just last night, during the post game re-cap, LBJ (LeBron James) stated their are few teams … Continue reading

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Answering the Call …

The trials and tribulations of an athlete, who holds a spotlight position as that of a baseball pitcher, football quarterback, diver, golfer, tennis player, or even a basketball player at the free-throw line – bring with it a tremendous amount … Continue reading

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Finding the Best in You!

Finding the best in you requires FOUR things: 1. Time 2. Honesty 3. Confidence 4. a Mirror 1. TIME – In order for a person to find the talents within one’s self, he/she must take time to truly see what … Continue reading

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