Finding the Best in You!

Finding the best in you requires FOUR things:

1. Time
2. Honesty
3. Confidence
4. a Mirror

1. TIME – In order for a person to find the talents within one’s self, he/she must take time to truly see what is in front and inside. This is to say – what kind of image and persona of myself do we put forth to others? Is that image a true representation of who I am? Or more importantly, is this how I want others to see and think of me? If your answer is “NO” to either of the later – it’s time to make MAKE TIME for change to happen.

Plan – Make appointments with yourself. Schedule time in every day to meet with yourself. Use this time to go for a walk or go to the gym. this time with yourself – need only be communicated to others as “I have an appointment at that time” … Very few people will ask “with who?” This in turn will help you create the time to work on accomplishing your goals (i.e., losing weight, learning a new language…).

2. HONESTY – More often than not – we are the reason for our lack of success. Many a time we do not give our self the proper respect and acknowledgement for the feats of accomplishment we have acquired or life events we have overcome. For example, many college athletes do not realize how amazing it is that they are competing at such an elite level. Too often, they simply look at what they have accomplished as a “whatever” because they are too busy comparing themselves to other elite college athletes. Take the time to truly look at your accomplishments and remember where you came from and more importantly – remember what it took for you to get where you are today! Then, remind yourself how many others have fallen to the way-side due to a lack of focus, motivation, work ethic, confidence, and/or talent. Be honest with yourself by allowing yourself to be great! Celebrate what you HAVE accomplished as this will be added stepping stones to your future accomplishments!

3. CONFIDENCE – Realize that in order to succeed – YOU MUST be willing to allow yourself to succeed! YOU MUST allow yourself to simply try. Put your self into situations that are going to give you the chance to rise to the top or show others that you are willing to take chances. If everyone was scared of striking out … NO-ONE would have ever hit a Home-Run … In the words of Eric Clapton “no-one is weak, until someone is strong” … be that strong person! Allow yourself to be strong!

4. MIRROR – Take the time to look at yourself. Allow yourself the time to see how you present yourself to others. Ask yourself – “Is this the self that i want people to see? Am I truly allowing the person I am to meet and embrace the person that I want to be?” … If your answer to either of these questions is “No” … It’s time to acknowledge this and allow the BEST IN YOU to WIN!!! There are two ways to approach finding the BEST in our self – we can either continue to HELP support the person we are not happy with OR we can begin allowing the self we WANT TO BE to win! We can begin to allow the self we WANT to have the chance to succeed, be seen by others, and be heard by others!

Finding the best in you – requires allowing yourself to be GREAT!

Sports Psychology – San Diego, Toronto, New York, and British Columbia

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